Confirmation Statements – What are they and how do I file one?

Every year all limited companies have to file a confirmation statement. You may be wondering what exactly is a confirmation statement and how do you file yours.

What is a confirmation statement????

Confirmation statements replaced the familiar Annual Return back in June 2016. There are no real significant changes between to the two documents.

A confirmation statement confirms that information held about a company by Companies House is correct. They are filed by all companies, even those that are dormant. The statement confirms the details of information such as directors’ names and addresses, issued share capital etc.

Confirmation statements can be completed online, which is by far the easiest option, but a paper version can be filed if necessary. The cost of submitting a confirmation statement is £13, no matter how you file your return. They are filed with Companies House not HMRC.

Each year Companies House will send a reminder letter to the company’s registered address. The letter is sent two weeks before the statement due date. You have 14 days from the due date to file.

There is no fine if you file late. However, there are severe consequences for persistent late filing of confirmation statements and other documentation to Companies House. It’s a criminal offence to do so and directors can be personally fined. In addition, Companies House can strike a company off, meaning it can no longer trade and its assets are handed over to the Crown.

Don’t panic when the “very urgent”, official looking reminder from Companies House drops on your door mat. Filing your confirmation statement is a pretty straight forward exercise. Companies House have helpfully released a video which explains how to file your return.

However, if you need any help regarding your return, please feel free to get in touch.

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