• Nicola Curson

FreeAgent - How to Understand Your Overview Dashboard

As you know here at Zest we're big fans of FreeAgent and happily recommend their software to many of our small business clients. So, to help new users of the software get up and running, we've put together a short series of 'How To' posts each containing a great step by step video.

Today's "How To' gives you brief introduction to the FreeAgent Overview Dashboard, which provides the key facts and figures relating to the performance of your business.

At a glance, you can track your businesses bank balance, who's paid you and who still owes you money. It'll help you understand your businesses profit and loss and even show you when various business taxes are due.

Here's your brief guide to your businesses FreeAgent Overview Dashboard.

As always, the above is a general guide. If you need any further information, specific to your circumstances, it’s always best to check with us or your accountant first. Don’t forget we provide a FREE year-round support line to all or clients, where we will happily advise you. Find out more about our accounting packages starting from just £35 per month.

Thank you to FreeAgent for providing the videos. To find out how FreeAgent can help your small business, click here.